The mercurial world of tony bloom the worlds most successful gambler

The Mercurial World Of Tony Bloom

A fascinating insight to the mercurial world of Tony Bloom was delivered this week.

Tony Bloom is the owner of Brighton FC in the English Premier League, the club he supported as a boy. He is also well known on the high stakes poker circuit having won millions of dollars in live cash poker and tournament play.

But that’s not all. Tony Bloom is regarded, probably rightly, as the world’s most successful gambler. How successful nobody really knows with his hankering for privacy hiding away the most basic financial details.

Oscar Williams Grut, a reporter for Business Insider UK, tried to get a look into one of Bloom’s companies, Starlizard, in this fascinating article. What he reveals is both exciting and frightening. Starlizard basically fronts for Bloom’s individual betting portfolio. The sheer volume of money and resources at its disposal is mind boggling.

The recent proliferation of Asian Betting syndicates and markets into European betting has opened a whole new world for football betting enthusiasts. Though in reality, it’s more of an open gate for the big boys.

Dealing in six and seven figure sums the sheer size of the Asian betting markets means large bets can be placed virtually without notice. This leaves big bettors with the potential to make moves without distorting the market too much.

This means that gambling syndicates have started to grow in number which could have an adverse effect on the average punter. Bookies have to react as their profit margins are being thinned by heavily resourced syndicates. They are working harder than ever to make sure their prices are right and that makes finding value even more difficult.

The question now is what can we the semi-pro and enthusiast do to negate the loss of extra value? Apart from working harder and immersing even more in to specific niches its a difficult question to figure out. Answers on a post card, please.

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