Maintain your passion for League Of Ireland football and PROFIT from betting at the same time.

Nobody likes losing but through experience and knowledge we can all win together. 

  • Finding an edge in prematch football betting markets has become increasingly difficult. In response to punters becoming increasingly savvy the bookies have had to step up their game. And they have. 
  • This is exactly why Irish Football Tips now almost exclusively plays on the League Of Ireland betting markets inplay. While nobody can guarantee a profit (and that means nobody) our results so far in 2017 suggest we are at least on the right track. Being less modest it's fair to say we are smashing it.
  • Irish Football Tips is on a journey as much as anybody. Nobody should ever tire of improvement and increasing their knowledge. That's why we want to build a community that shares so when we're winning we're winning together. 

 Irish Football Tips inplay betting tips results for 2017

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This represents a 16.53% return on investment up to 1st October 2017

"My passion for League Of Ireland football stretches back to John Cleary scoring the penalty that secured a double for Dundalk in 1988 (if not before). My passion for betting might even eclipse it."

The key to being a profitable football bettor is knowledge, experience and a willingness to improve. I want to share what I know with you. 

Like me anyone who has put in their 10,000 hours of dedicated practise knows there are fundamental principles when it comes to being a successful football bettor.

In fact there are too many to list here and listing them would have little benefit if they are not tailored directly to your own personal experience and knowledge. 

But there are some principles you should be taking on board immediately! Which is why I have already started sharing videos and articles designed to give you a start on your journey to becoming a profitable football bettor.  FOCUS being one of them. Hence why I narrow my focus to specific leagues. Being passionate about the League Of Ireland it only stands to reason that I start there. 

There are no guarantees in life and there sure as hell aren't in betting.

Anyone who promises you the world is probably lying. Irish Football Tips will never guarantee the bets we post will make you a profit. Anyone who does is probably lying to you. 

What you will get from Irish Football Tips is honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability. 

"Not all winning bets are good bets and not all losing bets are bad bets".

That statement may seem at odds with the simple nature of betting which suggests it is all about winning and of course, it is. But focusing on the long term is the important factor. As such it is important to be able to recognise when you made the right call but fell on the wrong side of variance. And, of course, when you made the wrong call.

The simplest way to win at betting is to become a better bettor. 

I could easily stand on a pedestal and shout "buy my tips and win". Even though the evidence suggests that to be true where would it leave you in the long run? Going from tipster to tipster having to build up trust over and over again? Neither of us want that.

We all want to win, of course we do. We all want a burgeoning bank balance, of course we do. Some may even be chasing the dream of becoming a professional and living off the proceeds of their bets. 

​But relying on others to exclusively select the bets for you is a mistake - of course there is no harm in following someone with a proven track record. But your first aim, your starting point, should be a course of self-improvement. Without it you're destined to remain a loser. 

The key to improvement is knowledge

Being knowledgable doesn't mean you have to know the leagues, teams and players inside out (although that helps). Knowledge, like charity, begins at home. Get to know yourself, your betting patterns, your triumphs and your failures. That is the first place to begin your journey to becoming profitable.

Find your focus!

Discover where you have an edge wherever that edge may come from.

Analyse your weaknesses!

Look at your performance, your winnings and losses and find the leaks in your game.

Track your progress!

Keep records of everything you do to make sure you understand your profitability. 

Is there not a way to skip all that and just win?

  • Yes there are some winning tipsters out there.
    Some tipsters do win in the long term and Irish Football Tips falls into that category. If that is all you're after by all means find the winners and follow them. But beware of the shysters and confidence tricksters who will leave you with nothing but regrets and losses.
  • Even the best tipsters have bad runs.
    Losses are a natural part of the game. Even the best tipsters (who charge hundreds of pounds for their product) will have losing streaks that could leave you in a bad situation if you haven't strategised your betting correctly.
  • Arm yourself with information.
    No matter how good a tipster seems on the outside you need to insulate yourself from potential damage. Acquire information, put a strategy in place and come to your own conclusions. That's the best advice I could give to anyone at any stage of their betting life cycle.

So what has Irish Football Tips got to offer if I should just be doing it all myself?

Using your own judgement is the best plan of attack. But that does not mean doing it all alone. By all means follow tips that prove profitable in the long run. However that proof should be available and accessible to you from the word go. Irish Football Tips will most certainly offer that.

While that is all perfectly valid Irish Football Tips wants you to become part of a community. A 'go-to' for advice and information. But most importantly for knowledge and experience. You are always free to do your own thing, make your own judgements and, unfortunately, make your own mistakes. 

Remember those shortcuts? The only shortcuts that should be considered worthwhile are those passed on from experienced operators. Remember, learning how to avoid the pitfalls comes from experience (which you can only get yourself) and knowledge transfer (which you can only get from those with experience). The best shortcut is shared knowledge. 

I am willing to share my knowledge and experience with you.

As a member of the Irish Football Tips community you will benefit from my knowledge and experience from the get-go.  

What I know I have learned. By embarking on your own process of learning you too will be able to pass that knowledge along. 

I have put in my 10,000 hours and can rightly consider myself to have knowledge to impart. 

So what do I get if I JOIN 


KNOWLEDGE! Irish Football Tips have already started creating tutorials and articles designed to improve your understanding of betting to turn you into a better bettor.

TIPS! You get access to the League Of Ireland tips generated by the Irish Football Tips' tipster pool.

COMMUNITY! Being part of the Irish Football Tips community will expand your understanding of betting and your own betting patterns.

All in all you will get the opportunity to improve, the opportunity to expand your existing knowledge and understanding and the opportunity to increase your profitability from your betting experiences.

  1. Profitable TIPS: first and foremost Irish Football Tips provide League Of Ireland inplay betting tips that have a strong record of turning a profit
  2. Improved UNDERSTANDING: anytime you decide that you can do it all for yourself the opportunity will be there having learned from the Irish Football Tips...
  3. Community: share your knowledge and learn from others. We are nothing without others and when we're winning we're winning together. 
  4. Money Back Guarantee: If you're not satisfied with the service offered there is a 30 day unequivocal money back guarantee.
League Of Ireland Inplay Betting Results

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Vincent Mulligan
Creator of Irish Football Tips

As I mentioned earlier League Of Ireland football and betting are two of my biggest passions. I have managed to find a way to merge the two while carrying on my own journey.

I have consistently made profit for more than seven years as a football bettor and although I know better than to guarantee that will continue the signs are very good. 

This all sounds good but I think I am doing well enough on my own.

Seeing other punters doing well makes me happy. I wish you luck on your journey. However, if you really are doing well and you know the League Of Ireland please get in touch. You may be exactly the type of person we are looking for to help out in the community.

Irish Football Tips is looking to employ successful bettors as tipsters and as content creators. We want the best so you have to be able to prove your ability before we can let you loose on the community. But if you can please get in touch. 

There are better tipsters out there.

There may well be. I would never suggest that I, or indeed anyone, is the greatest tipster available. It is worth repeating that nobody can guarantee a profit from their tips. However when you consider the value for money offered by Irish Football Tips' membership and the extra benefits on top of simply receiving tips I think you will be hard pressed to find a better service.

Either way you can judge for yourself and still take advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied you can leave with our best wishes and your money back in your pocket.

But all I want is tips. Why don't you just offer tips?

We do. For just €10 you can gain access to the League Of Ireland inplay tips for a full calendar year. If it's just tips you're after you can get just the tips.

You're just another one of these fake tipsters and you probably work for the bookies.

Irish Football Tips is 100% determined to ensure the core principles are met; Honesty. Integrity. Transparency. Accountability. 

We will continue to provide full and frank results and analysis of all tips provided. Also, Irish Football Tips will provide more than tips. It is about the learning process and over time we will provide extensive courses designed to improve your personal betting skills. 

Why would anyone who works for the bookies provide that? 

I've seen some of your tips posted after the event

It is true on a rare occasion some tips have been posted in and around the same timeframe as a match changing event has occurred. There is a very simple explanation for this. 

As explained earlier we almost exclusively focus on inplay betting. I also personally back every tip I provide. With that in mind there is only one hard and fast rule to be followed -  BET FIRST. TYPE LATER.

Unfortunately by the time the bet gets posted and updated to the page something may have changed that can sometimes make the bet invalid. But this is a very rare occasion. ​

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Remember what you will actually get from Irish Football Tips

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • A winning track record
  • A money back guarantee
  • Open communication
  • Potential for self-improvement

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel satisfied in your first 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

P.S.:: As it stands Irish Football Tips is in an embryonic phase of development. While we await the expected growth we are currently offering tips and educational videos and articles.

The community is not yet large enough to fully deliver on it's potential. As such we are currently offering the single service for €10 for a full year. This does not include access to the full community and the full educational services planned.

However, if you sign up now for €10 you will get full access to the services as and when they come online. If you wait for the site to develop further you will have to pay a higher access fee. 

Are you ready to turn your betting around and become a profitable punter?

Yes, I want to start turning my betting around now!